Tell Your Design's Story with Timeline

The revolutionary new way to manufacture clothing—visibly.
Welcome to the factory floor.

Don't miss milestones in your design's life ever again

With Timeline, now you have an easy way to build your own fashion brand and share the authentic story of your designs. Timeline is not like your typical supply chain management software—it's a lot more visual.

Follow your design from sampling through to production, with photos and videos from the factory floor

A unique timeline is accessible for each of your designs on the MakersValley platform

Know the status of your order, 24/7

Share factory photos and videos from your design's timeline on social media

Spend less time marketing and more time running your fashion business—let timeline do the free marketing for you


Benefits of Using the Timeline

Learn all of the benefits of using the timeline as your go-to marketing tool for your own fashion brand. Enjoy peace of mind knowing where your design came from, because you saw it first hand. 

Brand Recognition

Stand out from the crowd with behind-the-scenes footage of your design being made by your manufacturer in Italy.


Make fashion bloggers jealous and start to focus on what you do bestrunning your fashion business. Timeline is your easy-to-use marketing tool to help you tell your design's story at the click of a mouse.

Loyal Fans

People will wear your design if they believe in your brand's story. Show them how your design story started and ended, with real photos and videos from your timeline.

Unique Content

Every design's journey is slightly different and unique, whether that be your story or the artisan who made it. Now you can share this unique design journey with the world using your timeline.

Timeline Features

What can you expect to see on your design's timeline?


Factory Matching

After months of planning your dream design, never forget the moment that your design was matched with an Italian manufacturer.



Check out how your design is being brought to life by artisans with decades of experience making beautiful clothing. This is the beginning of a great journey! Share it with your fans!


Quality Assurance

Watch your design being made and give feedback if you've noticed a change needs to happen on your design when viewing the photos and videos on your timeline.



Your design has gone a long way and is nearing the finish line at this stage! Your fans couldn't be more excited after seeing all your great photos and videos of your design's journey. It's time to give them what they want!

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