Pricing & Plans

MakersValley membership is a recurring monthly subscription that begins on the date you sign up and can be cancelled at any time

Services Basic
Factory Matching
Dedicated Account Manager
Cut and Sew as many as you want
Create 1 Product
Create Up to 3 Products
Create Unlimited Products
Fabric Sourcing

Try Our Calculator!

You can use our Project Estimate Calculator to get a rough estimate of how much it will cost to start your own custom private label through MakersValley.

Other Project Costs

In addition to your MakersValley membership fee, you will pay the following manufacturing costs:


Prototyping Costs

The prototyping costs cover the conversion of your pattern into a sample. Our manufacturers will make a sample of your design based on the pattern or sew-by sample you send them.


Production Costs

The production costs will vary depending on the design that you want to produce. Typical production costs include: Fabric,labor costs to cut & sew your garment, accessories / trims (buttons, zippers…), printing and labels on the garment.


Shipping Costs

The shipping costs will vary depending on the location. You are responsible for paying for all customs and duties charges for shipping your products from the factory door to your door.

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