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The better, more reliable and secure
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Italian manufacturer.

Use Klarna for
Fashion Manufacturing:

Up to
$1,000 USD
US Debit
or Credit Card
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Card Address
18+ Years
of Age

What Is Klarna Pay Later?

Klarna is a secure, easy to use service that allows customers to make instant purchases, but pay over time, in 4 interest-free installments, made every 2 weeks.

Klarna’s partnership with MakersValley’s B2B apparel and footwear manufacturing platform is the first of its kind to serve just fashion brands.

Why Klarna for
Fashion Manufacturing?

Until now, fashion brands had just 3 options to finance manufacturing: personal funds, loans, or letters of credit.

Klarna is an easier and more straightforward pay option that allows phased financing on design samples and shipping, up to $1,000 USD, while still assuring that your factory receives immediate compensation for their work.

How Klarna for Fashion Manufacturing Works


Choose a Factory Bid

Highly-vetted Italian factories send you bids (quotes) to sample your original designs or MakersValley Factory Catalog designs. You select the bid that works for your timeline, product, and budget.


Lock in Your Manufacturer

Secure the partnership with your chosen factory by paying the 1st of 4 installments on your sample invoice.


Pay Off Your Sample with Klarna

You’ll be automatically charged the remaining 3 interest-free installment payments of your sample cost every 2 weeks.


Pay Your Shipping with Klarna

Once your factory finishes your sample, you’ll have the option to use Klarna again, and pay for your shipping in 4 interest-free installments, for all invoices less than $1,000 USD.

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