How to start your own clothing line

Send us your sewing pattern or sample - and we do the rest

Upload your garment details

Your physical apparel sample and/or sewing pattern are the instruction manual for the manufacturer.

The manufacturer will replicate your sample and/or pattern exactly the way it is, and you can add your brand label to it. 

Using the MV platform, answer all the questions about your garment design, and send us your sewing pattern, tech pack, or garment sample of your favorite product.

Then, upload photos of your garment into your project and tell us all the details.


Get manufacturer bids instantly

Sign up for the MakersValley membership plan that works best for you then submit your design on the platform and start getting bids instantly from 150+ Italian manufacturers and artisans for your sample and your production order.

When you approve the winning bid, you'll get matched to that manufacturer.


Sample your private label product

The sampling process will start once you approve your sample purchase order and we've received your physical garment sample in Italy and handed it off to your matched manufacturer. 

When your shiny new sample arrives in 6 weeks, wear it, study it, show it off, get feedback on it from potential customers - then tell us all your feedback in the platform. 


Produce your private label line

Once you approve your sample we've shipped you, we'll get the rest started!

Remember, there are no minimum orders for cut & sew and you pay factory price for each piece the manufacturer makes you. 

We partner with commercial shippers to get your production order from the factory in Italy to your doorstep, and we manage the whole shipping process for you. We'll tell you the MakersValley shipping rates via the platform.

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The craftsmanship is not only exquisite but the rich quality of the fabric, coupled with the form-fitting tailoring, makes my other suits look dull in comparison. The ease of the whole MakersValley experience was shocking compared to the superiority and value of the final product.

Chad Customer

We are really interested in the private label service with MakersValley.  We have looked into manufacturing before and it was cost prohibitive for us because of pattern creation costs.  We have a mother/daughter boutique and would really like to have the ability to expand our clothing offerings without seeking out more seamstresses locally and continuing to develop all patterns ourselves.  

Ashley Chicago Style Boutique