Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is MakersValley?

    MakersValley is an online B2B service platform that aims to democratize the manufacturing industry by making it more transparent and accessible. MakersValley operates as a middleman between our customers who design products and the factory members who specialize in making them.

  • Who is this service for?

    MakersValley is an online B2B service platform that aims to democratize the manufacturing industry by making it more transparent and accessible. MakersValley operates as a middleman between our customers who design products and the factory members who specialize in making them.

  • How does a MakersValley subscription benefit me?

    For our customers: We enable you to access highly experienced factories across the globe to create your unique products at a fair price with low minimum orders. Our invoice system makes it easy for you to pay us then we take care of paying the factories and vendors in the entire supply chain process for you. This saves you time and keeps you focused on managing your own business, while leaving the details of managing the production process to us. Instead of simply being an online platform to connect you with factories, we strive to bring cross-cultural understanding and build relationships, which is why you will receive a dedicated Account Manager as a communication intermediary between you and the factory in Italy and to guide you through the process.

    For factory members: MakersValley is free to join for factory members. We enable factories of all sizes, from the single artisan to the large factory, an opportunity to connect with potential customers across the globe. Plus, while working with a variety of MakersValley customers, you’ll get valuable product and service feedback on a global level. We enable factory members to work around the traditional distribution model by connecting you directly with your customers, making it easier for you to set your own prices that are fair and sustainable for your business. Also, our international Account Managers enable you to communicate with customers abroad and break down the cultural barriers that come with doing business abroad.

  • How much does it cost?

    Currently, our monthly subscription model is: $49 Basic Plan for 1 product, $99 Standard Plan for up to 3 products, $199 Premium Plan for unlimited products.

    In addition, you will also pay for all production costs, shipping and taxes for your product.

  • Can I make a sample before I do a production run?

    Absolutely! In fact, all of our factory members require you to send us your pattern and/or sew-by sample first so they can make for you a sample that is production-ready, which we call a prototype. We will send you a quote for the prototype and production and get your approval and payment before anything is made by the factory.

  • How do I get started?

    In 3 easy steps:

    1. Sign up on our site
    2. Choose your subscription plan
    3. Create a new Project!

    In your new Project, upload all your project details and tech pack. If you don’t have a tech pack, no problem! You can upload photos or drawings of a design to get a prototype made by one of the factory members in our network. Shortly after we receive your new Project, one of our Account Managers will be in touch with you.


  • What is MakersValley?

    To use our service, you will pay:

    1. a MakersValley monthly subscription
    2. all production costs (including materials, cut & sew, shipping, customs and tax) to make your product.

    Our pricing is always broken down by unit, with all set-up costs built into the cost. We do this so that you see your costs the way your customers do, making it easier to set your prices. You can also contact us to get a more detailed cost breakdown (ie. cost per meter of fabric, trims cost, etc).

  • When will I pay for my subscription?

    Your MakersValley subscription is due when you create a new Project on our website or as soon as we receive your pattern/sew-by sample in our office in Italy. This is a recurring payment that will be billed to your account monthly on the same day that you signed up.

  • What are my production costs?

    The production costs will vary depending on your project. Typical production costs include fabric, labor costs to cut & sew your garment, accessories, printing, and labels on the garment you want to make. MakersValley will send you an invoice for all production costs.

  • How do I get a quote?

    Getting a quote for a new project is fun and easy. Just log in on our Website, create a new project, and plug in your project details — like material options, quantity, and finishing details — and we will send you a custom quote. If you already have a pattern or sew-by sample, you can skip that step entirely and mail it directly to our office in Italy. If you’d prefer to talk to a member of our team, just contact us through our site and we’ll be in touch with your shortly for all the details for a custom quote.

  • When will I receive my quotes for prototyping and producing my product?

    Once we match your project with a factory, we will send you an estimate of prototype and production costs to make your product. Your approval of the quote is due within 5 days after receipt of the quote.

  • Are the prototyping costs and the production costs different?

    Yes, usually the prototyping costs are three times more than the production costs. This is due to the fact that the factory is dedicating more time on developing a single custom product from zero for you, which entails buying only a few meters of fabric at a higher price, and investing time studying your pattern and developing it for production.

  • Does the monthly subscription fee cover the production costs?

    No, production costs are not covered by the monthly subscription fee. The monthly subscription is what you pay to MakersValley for matching you with a factory in Italy and also for the dedicated Account Manager who will see your product through from the moment you initially send us your request to the final product being delivered to you.

  • Do multiple sizes and colors count as different products?

    No, multiple sizes and colors of the same product do not count as additional products or cost more. The principal cost in manufacturing apparel is the fabric choice, therefore sizes and colors will not cost more.

  • Do I get a cost break if I order a bigger batch?

    As your volume increases, the manufacturer’s costs decrease and we pass those savings onto you.

  • Are the prototyping costs and the production costs different?

    Yes, usually the prototyping costs are three times more than the production costs. This is due to the fact that the factory is dedicating more time on developing a single custom product from zero for you, which entails buying only a few meters of fabric at a higher price, and investing time studying your pattern and developing it for production.

  • How do I pay my invoices?

    We’ve made our invoices easy for you. Both the monthly subscription and production costs are invoiced to you and paid directly to us online using your credit card then we take care of paying the factory and vendors in the entire supply chain process for your product which saves you valuable time to design and work on other projects.


  • Where are your products made?

    Every product we make is 100% made in Italy and quality-checked by our team in Italy (Naples) or New York City. We are deeply committed to fairness, accessibility and transparency in the manufacturing and supply chain process.

  • Do you do production in house, or outsource?

    Production begins with our Customer who carefully prepares their patterns with a local manufacturer then mails the pattern and/or sample to our office in Italy. We then match your pattern/sample to one of our vetted factories and vendors in Italy who take on different parts of the production process. MakersValley oversees the complete production process and every part comes back through our office in Italy for a quality control check before being sent out to you.

  • When will my product get matched with a factory?

    To make it easy for you, we’ve built our online platform so that every project you create on our website represents one single product you want to make. One project equals one product. These projects are then matched with manufacturers in Italy who specialize in making them.

    Once we receive your pattern/sample in Italy, within 5-10 working days our team will match your product with a factory in our network.

  • What product types are currently available?

    We are currently accepting requests for Apparel & Accessories. You can find our Product List here.

  • Do you have a standard turnaround time for prototypes?

    Normally, our prototyping turnaround time is 6-8 weeks after we receive your patterns. However, if the factory needs to do any additional sourcing for fabric, trims, etc, the timeframe is longer. Our production timeframe is up to 6 weeks depending on how many pieces you order and how complicated the manufacturing process is. The turnaround time depends on several factors: the season, the factory’s production schedule, what machines your garments require, etc. Once we’ve matched you with a factory, we will be able to give you a precise turnaround time.

  • Do you have factory members that can help me with labelling? Packaging?

    Yes, we have factory members that can make labels for your products as well as custom packaging, or you can also choose standard labels and packaging. We recommend that you work with a local designer to create your brand logo then send the file to us in Adobe Illustrator format for a quote.

  • What can I send you to make my prototype?

    The factory will need your pattern and a sew-by sample to make your prototype. Sew-by samples are a physical garment that you want us to replicate. Sew-by samples can be homemade and don’t have to be perfect! For example, if you have a jacket you really love and you want to replicate the exact jacket but use some new design aspects which you will tell us (either by outlining them in chalk on the garment itself, sending us a drawing, photos of the aspects you like), then you would mail us the jacket to Italy and we will make it for you. We create the pattern for you using the jacket you send us. We will also send you the pattern we make, that way later if you decide you want to work with another factory, you will have your pattern.

Minimum Order Quantities

  • Do your factory members guarantee no minimum orders?

    Yes, our factory members have registered on our platform with the requirement to cut & sew garments with no minimum orders.

  • Is there a minimum order quantity if the factory sources the fabric and accessories for my product?

    Yes, you most likely will have a minimum order quantity if sourcing is requested. The reason is even though our factory members cut & sew with no minimum order requirements, the fabric mills do require a minimum order quantity to buy fabric in bulk and/or treat the fabric that is needed to produce your product.

  • Are no minimum orders possible even though I requested fabric and accessories sourcing?

    Yes, no minimum order quantities are possible in some situations when you’ve requested sourcing. For example, if you choose the fabric and accessories that the factory already has in their deposit, you won’t need to buy a minimum order quantity since the factory won’t need to produce just for you a full bolt of fabric or custom accessories.

  • Do your factory members offer printing services?

    Yes, our factory members do make prints by using several different techniques.

  • Are there minimum orders if I want prints on my product?

    Yes, most likely you will have minimum order requirements since the fabric mill will need to produce an entire new fabric bolt with your custom print on it.

  • Is there a way I can avoid a minimum order quantity if I want printed fabric?

    Yes, to avoid a minimum order quantity for printed fabric, you can choose a polyblend fabric with more than 65% polyester in it. The polyester allows the factory to print easily on the fabric without requiring a high quantity of garments under the printing machine.

  • How does the fabric sourcing process work?

    The factory needs from you a physical fabric sample that you would like them to source for you in Italy. The factory will not start sourcing until they do not have clear instructions about the fabric you are looking for and a sample in their hands. It’s important to note that a garment’s specific composition may contain fibers that are not readily available in Italy, but are made in other countries like Turkey, China, India. The Italian factory will do their best to source for you the closest available fabric compositions and in some cases prepare for you a swatch book to choose fabrics from.

  • Will the manufacturers provide fabric swatch books?

    Our factory members typically provide a swatch book of fabrics that are the closest match with your sample, which the designer can choose from for their product.

  • Is there a minimum order quantity for denim jeans and denim treatment?

    Yes, the minimum order quantity if you delegate the sourcing of denim fabric to our factory members is 100 pieces per product with 4 sizes maximum. The reason is because the denim fabric needs to be treated and washed, and the washing company requires a minimum denim quantity to start the dying and washing process.

  • Are there local Italian trim (snaps/zipper/draw cord) and body/lining fabric resources available?

    Yes, we have trims & accessories suppliers in our network that can help you finish your product. Standard trims & accessories are easily available, however custom trims & accessories are really difficult to obtain with no minimum orders, however still possible if the customer’s choice falls into a product that the factory already has in storage.


  • How does MakersValley handle shipping and customs?

    We advise our customers the best shipping rate in the market and once our customer approves it, we invoice them and only when we receive the payment the shipping request is made.

  • Can you explain the Customs process for shipping my products to me?

    Yes, you are responsible for paying for all customs and duties charges for shipping your products from the factory door to your door. MakersValley helps during the prototyping process to facilitate customs charges during prototyping and production process.

    During the prototyping process, most of the time are customers do not have to pay custom charges since the value of the goods inside the package are less than the minimum declared amount (sample, pattern, prototypes are not declared for their commercial value since they are not going to be sold).

    During production, depending on the quantity, we advise different options that can involve potentially hiring a freight forwarder to take care of all your customs and shipping documents.

  • Are packages insured?

    We recommend that our customers obtain insurance for all merchandise shipped from Italy.


  • Does MakersValley accept returns?

    Due to the custom nature of our business, we do not accept returns on any prototypes or finished products, and all sales are final on MakersValley Products and Services.


  • How does the Italian holiday affect the production timeline?

    Due to the custom nature of our business, we do not accept returns on any prototypes or finished products, and all sales are final on MakersValley Products and Services.

  • I’ve only got a sketch of my product. What’s the best subscription plan for me?

    Currently, we only accept patterns and sew-by samples. If you’ve only got a sketch, we can refer you to a trusted patternmaker that will help you develop your idea into a real pattern before sending it over to us. Also, your sew-by sample doesn’t have to be perfect! You can send us a sample of a garment you want to make, even if it is homemade, and one of our factory members will be able to give you a quote and help you develop it more with different fabrics, trims, etc.

  • I own my own boutique; will MakersValley work with me? How about department stores?

    Yes, we currently work with independent designers and boutiques that want to start selling their own clothing line without high minimum order requirements that result in merchandise taking up too much space in their deposit or store. We also work with department stores who have the opportunity to add their branches on the Premium subscription plan only.

  • I have one product and would like MakersValley to source fabric and accessories for me, which subscription should I choose?

    All members who request sourcing must be on a Premium subscription plan only.

  • Is MakersValley working only in the US and Italy?

    Currently, our factory members are located in Italy, and most of our customers are in the United States, however we do accept inquiries from other potential users in other countries. If you are interested in working with MakersValley, please contact us.

  • Where is MakersValley based?

    We currently have two offices: one office in Italy (Naples) that handles our logistics and production orders and one office in New York, USA that handles delivery and customer engagement.

  • Will MakersValley help me find a patternmaker?

    Although our factory members do provide in-house development services, we advise our customers who do not already have a pattern, tech pack, or sample, to first work directly with a local patternmaker to develop their product idea into an actual pattern that is ready for production by our factory members in Italy. Our factory members need your pattern and sample in order to base your quote for production and give you production options.

  • What is our vision at MakersValley?

    We imagine a world where designers can easily connect with a manufacturer anytime and anywhere in the world, where doing business between two rural villages in two different countries and continents is possible and easy, allowing them to enable each other’s “greatness”.

  • I am a manufacturer interested in working with MakersValley. How can I get started?

    Currently, we only work with vetted factory members based in Italy, however interested manufacturers in other countries may contact us at commerciale-italia@makersvalley.net with provide us with more information about your products and services.

  • Do I retain the intellectual property rights for my design?

    Yes! Anything you make through us remains yours, including any CAD or design work we do for you. We’ll never reproduce your work without your permission.

  • Can I change my subscription plan?

    You can switch plans anytime. Simply access into your billing page and change subscription plan.

  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    Yes, you can cancel anytime by emailing us at hello@makersvalley.net with CANCEL in the subject line. In the event that we have any of your patterns or project materials in our facilities, we will ship them back to you and invoice you the shipping costs.

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