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Every fashion entrepreneur looks for that one special partner – their clothing manufacturer.
Imagine you want to make your own shirt; instead of sifting through thousands of search results for “wholesale t-shirts”, let MakersValley do the hard work for you!
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It Works! Here’s Why:

We’ve Already Done a Quality Check

We’ve closely vetted every Italian clothing manufacturer in the MakersValley network.

They’ve agreed to abide by our standards of ethics and have solid reputations of producing luxury brand quality Made in Italy craftsmanship.

Consider Us Your Factory Filter

Once you’ve submitted your project, we put it up to bid by our manufacturer network. Then, the bids start rolling in to your MakersValley account manager. They'll review each bid before you see it to make sure that the manufacturer's product experience and availability matches your project requirements and timeline.

How to Find a Manufacturer

Your dedicated MakersValley account manager will send your top factory matches and bids in the MakersValley Platform. Bids are easy to access and review, and best of all, you’ll only see your top matches!

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