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MakersValley manufacturers share white label samples from more than 12 product category types and sold to 1000+ prestigious brands worldwide.

All you have to do is select 'Be Inspired' as your project type, choose your product category type, and discover high-quality white label samples ready for you to customize and label with your brand.

Your white label sample will not only be a great addition to your wardrobe, but it will also be the starting point for your design process!


Customize white label samples with your brand label

See, touch, wear, and study your white label sample once it arrives! Get feedback from your customers and friends. 

Customize your white label sample by writing your changes in your project, then click Submit. 

Fill out all the details in your project, upload photos of your white label sample, and ship your white label sample back to us, complete with any fabric swatches, trims, or other items you'd like the manufacturer to include in your bid and final prototype. 


Get matched with a manufacturer

Get bids instantly from more than 150+ Italian manufacturers and artisans. You accept the winning bid to get matched to an Italian manufacturer. You'll also sign up for a MakersValley membership plan that works best for you at this step. 

Then, it’s onto the prototyping phase to watch your idea become reality! Your prototype, or your white label sample including all of your requested changes, will arrive within 6 weeks.


Produce your private label products

Once you know the prototype is perfect, give us your feedback in your project. If you love your prototype, it's onto production!

All you have to do next is approve your production order and we'll get the rest started!

Remember there are no minimum orders for cut & sew and you pay factory price for each piece the manufacturer makes you. 

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The craftsmanship is not only exquisite but the rich quality of the fabric, coupled with the form-fitting tailoring, makes my other suits look dull in comparison. The ease of the whole MakersValley experience was shocking compared to the superiority and value of the final product.

Chad Customer

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We are really interested in the Be Inspired white label line.  We have looked into manufacturing before and it was cost prohibitive for us because of pattern creation costs.  We have a mother/daughter boutique and would really like to have the ability to expand our clothing offerings without seeking out more seamstresses locally and continuing to develop all patterns ourselves.  

Ashley Chicago Style Boutique

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