Who we are

a multinational
team , committed to
the greatness
of high-end fashion
at all touchpoints,

from design ,
to sourcing ,
to manufacturing ,

to the final in-store

We believe that
no reason
that fashion shouldn’t
be high-quality ,

transparent ,
and ethical .

Our Story

MakersValley began in the imagination of a clothing merchant’s son, in a small, Italian village.

Growing up, Alessio Iadicicco witnessed a manufacturer ecosystem that failed to protect craftspeople and prevented their fine independent factories from achieving real international growth.

He also spent years talking to luxury fashion brand leaders about the inefficiencies in their private label supply chain and the stress of unpredictable apparel production costs.

He knew there had to be a better way for high-quality fashion brands and luxury apparel manufacturers to enable each others’ greatness.

MakersValley Team
Value: Authenticity
Value: Cross-CUltural Understanding
Made in Italy
Luxury Quality

Our Values

Value: Authenticity
Value: Cross-Cultural Understanding
Value: Made in Italy
Made in Italy

connects fashion
brands in more than
100 countries
and territories
with a network of
100+ independent,
high-end factories

and artisans.

We want every brand, no matter where they’re based, to be able to work with quality artisans who create beautiful fashion products. We commit to enabling greatness not only for the global fashion brands and luxury designers in our Valley, but also for the highly skilled artisans who bring their creations to life.

Our Team

Alessio Iadicicco
Alessio Iadicicco CEO & Co-Founder
Tiffany Chimal
Tiffany Chimal COO & Co-Founder
Babajide Okusanya
Babajide Okusanya CTO & Co-Founder
Franca Gragnaniello
Franca Gragnaniello International Factory Manager
Anna Bracaccio
Anna Brancaccio Product Quality Control Rep.
Furia MV Mascot

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